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Lumen Advisers, in partnership with Sparo and Betterment, offers a unique investment platform that aligns your financial goals with charitable giving. As a registered investment adviser, Lumen provides the expertise to design and manage customized portfolios that are tailored to your individual investment objectives. Meanwhile, Sparo serves as the charity engine that donates at least 30% of management fees to charities that matter to you. And with Betterment's cutting-edge technology, you can easily access and monitor your investments while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted custodian oversee your assets.

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Answer a few questions while setting up an account at Betterment.

Already have a Betterment account? Simply contact us activate a Sparo Account.

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Choose one of the three portfolios.

Healthcare Transformation

Workforce Empowerment

Climate Impact

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Fund the portfolio

Transfer funds from your bank or other Betterment account or portfolio and your investment setup is complete.

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Expand your invesment options

Schedule your Welcome call so we can discuss your financial goals and refine the opportunities.

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