Invest with Impact

Sparo empowers conscious investors with personalized strategies that align financial goals and positive social change. Help create a more sustainable future by investing with us today!


Fees that Fund Your Values

Lumen Advisers, partnering with Sparo and Betterment, offers an innovative platform combining personalized investing, charity, and advanced fintech for a socially conscious, user-friendly investment experience.

Discover your Impact Potential

Sparo's "Portfolios with a Purpose" give you an opportunity to do well while doing good! We bundle investment opportunities in companies and causes that align with your values, so you can maximize both your financial returns and the positive impact you make. Plus, with at least 30% of our management fees going to charities that matter to you, you can invest in a better world while achieving your financial goals. Join the movement to invest with purpose and power - invest with Sparo today!


Customized Portfolios

Select personalized investment strategies to match your financial goals and charitable causes.

Charitable Donations

We donate at least 30% of our management fees to charities that align with your values and desire to make a positive social impact.

Track Your Impact

Monitor your performance and track your impact through your Betterment powered dashboard.


Invest Smarter with Sparo

Powered by Lumen Advisers, Sparo Impact Portfolios offer an easy way for investors to earn strong returns while making a positive impact on society. Our smart strategies balance growth with risk protection, adjusting to different economic situations and investing in diverse areas like consumer goods, healthcare, and industry. Plus, we support charities that create jobs, protect the environment, and advance healthcare technology, so your investments work even harder for a better world.